Squeeze Buzz 1.01: Squeeze Buzz is a squeeze page generator allowing to set up your site in breeze

Squeeze Buzz 1.01

page generator allowing you to create your affiliate webpage quickly and easily. Just a few clicks and you can have a ready made splash page and start capture leads. Squeeze Buzz will become your favorite affiliate marketing tool since it is so easy to use and results are astounding! Create unlimited amount of squeeze pages customized according to your marketing needs with just a few clicks of the mouse. Allows you to choose between 3 different high

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ImageSite Pro 1.1: Rapid Image Web Site Creation Software

ImageSite Pro 1.1

ImageSite Pro is a tool for creating entire sites of images complete with thumbnail indexes and custom banners and links, just from a set of images and a single HTML page to use as a basis for created pages. From this ImageSite Pro will automatically create multiple HTML thumbnail index pages, thumbnails for all of your images and even separate HTML pages for every image as well. The layout is highly customisable including thumbnails and layout

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AdroitPDF Blank Page Removal Tool 1.0.1: Delete all blank pages from pdf automatically with the help of AdroitPDF tool

AdroitPDF Blank Page Removal Tool 1.0.1

pages, tool has option to set the margins from top, left, bottom and right side. This facility helps in detecting blank pages accurately. Program is user friendly and handy tool for all level of users. PDF blank page remover software uses a threshold value for blank page which can be defined inside the program to make detection process faster & perfect. Features: 1. Tool is compatible to work on Windows 8 operating systems. 2. Blank page detection

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PDF Page Size Editor PDF page size editor application change dimension of pages in Adobe file

PDF Page Size Editor

page size. PDF page dimension changer software has many options to resizing the pages like change odd/even page size change or some specific pages and you can set page in portrait & landscape mode. Program provides all solution for any problems related with PDF page sizes. With this software you can create new PDF documents with all the pages or with only resized page. Features: * Offers several methods to resize pages of PDF Files. * Change pages

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Change PDF from Portrait to Landscape Change PDF from portrait to landscape software arrange create new dimension file

Change PDF from Portrait to Landscape

pages or with modified pages only. PDF page provides multiple options to resize pages with fixed pages, some specific pages or ODD/EVEN pages of all documents. PDF resize tool create a new PDF document in orientation. PDF page resize tool has many options to resizing the pages like change odd/even page size change or some specific pages and set page in portrait & landscape mode. It provides full control on your PDF files to edit page size as per

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Pdf Blank Page Removal Tool 1.3.2: Pdf Blank Page Removal Tool to delete all the blank pages in PDF automatically

Pdf Blank Page Removal Tool 1.3.2

page as blank like page margin & tolerance value to start the process of removal of blank pages. There are many definitions to consider any specific page as blank, no appearing marks, no many appearing marks, a dot on the page, blank page with black edges of page created after scanning, multiple visible marks due to dust in scanner etc. No matter what type of blankness is over the page, our pdf blank page removal tool works perfectly, just define

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Convert PDF in A4 Size Booklet Pages 1.3.4: Normal pdf to booklet creator software Converts PDF in A4 Size Booklet Pages

Convert PDF in A4 Size Booklet Pages 1.3.4

Acrobat PDF booklet creator software quickly change a normal one page per page pdf file into 2 pages per page pdf document. Tool puts two pages of pdf into a single blank page, one adjacent to another in portrait form. Final pdf prints looks like a complete book by folding pages from its center. Using this advance tool, user can define the number of signatures to generate pdf booklet.

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AWinware Pdf Watermark Creator Pdf page numbering software add pdf file name, date time as watermark text

AWinware Pdf Watermark Creator

tool, helps in adding page number on pdf pages, stamps date time, copyright, registered, trademark or other custom text on pdf pages. Pdf stamp software works for bulk pdf. Using this highly advanced application, you can create rotated watermark at any position on pdf page. Tool can rotate watermark between -359 to +359 degree. Text font name, font size, text color can be selected before applying on pdf. Pdf watermark tool renders watermark in three

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infant car seat covers 1.0: infant car seat covers squeeze page creation tool lets you create squeeze pages.

infant car seat covers 1.0

infant car seat covers squeeze page creation tool, this easy to use free squeeze page creation tool provides you with an application to help you create your own squeeze pages. Use this tool to easily create squeeze pages for your internet marketing campaigns.

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Word Count Tool 2.5.0: Helps count word, line, page etc. and calculate cost of typing accordingly.

Word Count Tool 2.5.0

page, word, line or character is on the rise, Word count tools have become very relevant. Recognizing the need for Word Count Software tools we have come up with ‘Word Count Tool’. Apart from word count, this Word Count Software can also carryout Line count and Page count and can be easily used as a Line count software or page count software. Tool can perform word count in excel files, word count in word files and word count in PowerPoint files

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